General Terms and Conditions

We are a member of the Association for the Childcare Sector and apply their general terms and conditions. These general terms and conditions are part of the placement agreements.

Click here for the general terms and conditions Childcare (PDF)


An overview of our fees can be found on the page with our fees and hourly rates.

All our quoted net costs for parents and carer(s) are subject to modification due to calculation / type errors and changes in governement policies and legislation by the municipality of Amsterdam and the central Governement.

Placement Policy

We strive for timely and fitting placement offers.  Our carefully formulated placement policy assures a fair process.

Priority Placement Rules

Our groups are composed according to a few principles. The following rules are stated in order of priority to give you an insight into the placement process:

  1. Children with a preschool indication
  2. Siblings of children who are already placed
  3. Transfers from a daycare centre to out-of-school care
  4. Change of childcare days and/or extra days
  5. New admissions in order of date of application, taking into account the preferred start date, the preferred location, the ages and gender of children in the group and the number of hours requested.

Baby Groups Day Care Centre ‘De Houthaven’

A day consists of 10,5 hours of childcare. For our Day Care Baby Groups (0 to 2-year-olds) the minimum number of days is 2 full days.

Toddler Groups Day Care Centre ‘De Houthaven’

A day consists of 10,5 hours of childcare. For our Day Care Toddler Groups (from the age of 2) the minimum number of days is one full day.

Toddlercombi Preschool 10 hours a day

A day consists of 10 hours of childcare.

Toddlercombi Preschool 5 hours a day

A day consists if 5 hours of childcare. The opening hours are in the morning. For this group the minimum number is 2 days.

Toddlercombi Preschool 3 hours a day with a mix of mornings and afternoons

Our program of three hours a day has a set mix of mornings and afternoons. For these groups the minimum number is 2 days, with at least 1 morning and 1 afternoon. It is therefore not possible to have your child come only in the mornings or only in the afternoons.  To fully benefit your child’s development we recommend an arrangement of 4 days.

Group Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Vrijdag
A Morning Afternoon Morning Afternoon Morning
B Afternoon Morning Afternoon Morning Afternoon

Swap Days

As of January 1st, 2020, it will no longer be possible to swap days. Alternative days are a very difficult arrangement from an administrative point of view which has led to much confusion in the past and many discussions with parents.

Instead, parents will be offered two free care days per year to replace the alternative days. Just as with alternative days, this can only be arranged if the maximum number of children per day is not exceeded. You must request an extra care day at least one week in advance. Extra paid care days are always an option as long as the maximum number of children in the group is not exceeded. These extra days can be requested via our Konnect parent portal.

Closed days

Our childcare facilities are open throughout the year except on the days stated below. Bank holidays and other prearranged closing days are integrated in the hourly rates. You pay a fixed amount per month for the number of hours in the placement agreement.

  • 1st of January – New Year’s Day
  • 13th of April – Easter Monday
  • 27th of April – King’s Day
  • 5th of May – Liberation Day
  • 21st of May – Ascension Day
  • 22nd of May – Day after Ascension Day
  • 1st of June – Whit Monday
  • 17th of September – Annual Combiwel voor Kinderen study Day
  • 25th of December – Christmas Day
  • 26th of December – Boxing Day

House rules Combiwel voor Kinderen

Membership Association for the Childcare Sector

  • Combiwel voor Kinderen is a member of the National Association for the Childcare Sector.
  • Combiwel voor Kinderen applies the General Terms and Conditions for Childcare, Day Care and Out-of -School Care by the Association for the Childcare Sector. These can be found on our website and they are part of the Placement Agreement.
  • The Combiwel voor Kinderen house rules are supplementary to the General Terms and Conditions by the Association for the Childcare Sector.

Opening Hours

  • Childcare is offered 40, 43 or 52 weeks a year. The number of weeks of childcare offered depends on the program and differs per location.
  • A location which is open 40 weeks a year is closed during school holidays. The dates of the school holidays are those set by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. Information about these dates can be found on the website:
  • Childcare Centres are closed on national holidays. The dates of the national holidays can be found in the website:
  • One day a year all Childcare Centres are closed for our annual seminar day. The date of this seminar day will be announced well in advance.

Quality Protocols and transfer to primary school

  • Every childcare centre follows the Combiwel voor Kinderen quality protocols which are approved by the Public Health Services. These protocols concern pick up and drop off  procedures, privacy, outings, etc.
  • Combiwel voor Kinderen uses a system for transfer of information when a child makes the transition from the childcare centre or Toddlercombi Preschool to primary school. This system consists of an observation method called “Kijk!” and the transfer form developed by the City of Amsterdam.
  • In signing the placement agreement, you automatically approve the transfer of information to the primary school your child will attend.


  • The annual fee is to be paid in equal, monthly instalments regardless whether there are any  unused childcare days that month.
  • The invoice is sent via e-mail, unless parents formally request a different method.
  • The fees are to be paid monthly by direct debit.
  • Fees for extra childcare hours, which are not in the Placement Agreement, are to be paid by direct debit at the end of the month in question.
  • If payment by direct debit is refused, the parent/carer is obliged to pay the fee within five work days. The due amount is to be transferred to the Combiwel bank account stated on the invoice. The transfer should include the debtor number.
  • When a child is absent (due to illness or a holiday, for example) the number of childcare hours to be paid are not reduced.


  • Cancellation, in accordance with article 7 of the General Terms and Conditions of the Association for the Childcare Sector, can only be done in writing. The date of the cancellation will be the date on which the cancellation was received by Combiwel voor Kinderen.
  • In case the parent(s)/carer(s) wish to cancel the Placement Agreement prior to the commencement date they are liable to pay cancellation costs.

Change of the Placement Agreement

  • The Placement Agreement can only be altered or cancelled by the parent(s)/carer(s) in writing in consideration of a notice period of one month.
  • At the moment of alteration or cancellation of the placement agreement an invoice will be sent for any number of childcare hours received supplementary to the set number of childcare hours in the placement agreement.
  • Combiwel voor Kinderen is authorised to alter the agreement one-sided, on compelling grounds (such as alterations of laws and regulations or for economic reasons). In this case Combiwel voor Kinderen will consider a notice period of one month. The parent(s)/carer(s) will have the possibility to terminate the agreement. Termination will take effect on the day the alteration comes into force.

Termination of the Placement Agreement

  • The rules for termination of the placement agreement can be found in article 10 of the General Terms and Conditions by the Association for the Childcare Sector.


  • Combiwel voor Kinderen has taken out accident insurance and liability insurance for the children and its staff in case it is liable in respect of childcare.
  • Combiwel voor Kinderen is not liable for any damage your child may cause. You are to take out your own liability insurance.
  • In cases where Combiwel voor Kinderen is liable, the liability is restricted to the amount payed by the insurance of Combiwel voor Kinderen in the case in question.
  • The Combiwel voor Kinderen management is not liable for lost or stolen goods. They have not taken out insurance for this.

Circumstances Beyond Our Control

  • Combiwel voor Kinderen does not refund fees in cases when there is a temporary impossibility to offer the services in the agreement due to circumstances beyond our control (such as a fire, a strike or a crime). However, Combiwel voor Kinderen is obliged to do everything possible to prevent or eliminate the circumstances.

Transfer to Primary School

  • At Childcare locations where Combiwel voor Kinderen collaborates with a primary school it is not possible for Combiwel voor Kinderen to guarantee an automatic transfer to the primary school it collaborates with.

Obligation to Provide Information

  • During registration and/or placement the parent(s)/carer(s) provide the necessary personal and financial information about the parent(s)/carer(s) and the child. Based on this information placement takes place, the placement agreement is made and after placement the monthly invoice is composed. Combiwel voor Kinderen needs to be notified of any interim changes which influence the costs and the placement. In case sufficient information is not provided, Combiwel voor Kinderen is entitled to charge the complete costs of the placement agreement and/or annul the placement agreement.

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