Daycare Centres in Amsterdam West

Safe, cosy and educational, that is Combiwel Childcare. In Amsterdam West we offer full day and half day Childcare for children aged 0 to 4-years old. We have two Childcare Centres for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers. The Daycare Centres are open all year round and your child will be in a fixed group. In this way it will see its friends and the familiar faces of our steady staff every day.

Houthaven (KDV), Revaleiland 1, 1014 ZG, Amsterdam Westerpark-Centrum

Toddlercombi preschool in Amsterdam West, South and North

Toddlers like to play and discover lots of new things together. Our Toddlercombi Preschools are set up especially for them. These Childcare Centres focus completely on 2 to 4-year olds. There are Toddlercombi Preschool groups everywhere in Amsterdam. They are open five days a week and your child can join full days or half days.

Click here for more about our Toddlercombi Preschools

A day at a Daycare Centre

Naturally a typical day at a Daycare Centre for a baby is very different than for a toddler. The baby groups follow their own routines of eating, sleeping and playing. We make sure babies keep the routines they are used to at home. When a baby is awake it gets loving attention and it is offered toys that are appropriate to its developmental phase. When a baby is asleep we are always around to keep an eye on them. For toddlers the structure we offer in the group is important since it builds confidence and provides a sense of safety. That is why toddlers have a set routine every day. Still, every day at Combiwell for Children is an adventure. Children are encouraged to explore and experiment, taste, feel, hear and see in order to discover their talents and possibilities.

Activities, playing and exercise

We create a relaxed and cosy environment with lots of challenging materials to play with. We encourage children to explore, move and play together in many different ways. We highly value outdoor activities and physical play. In this way we also stimulate gross motor skills.

Tasty and healthy food and drinks

Healthy food and drinks take an important place in our Daycare Centres. We offer a lunch and snacks with as little added sugar, preservatives and additives as possible. We also make sure our food is low fat and contains as little salt as possible. We eat fruit or crackers in the morning, a lunch and in the afternoon there is another healthy snack.

Settling in

Because your child needs to get used to the Daycare group, we encourage parents to visit the group as part of the settling-in process. The staff will make appointments for settling-in sessions according to your availability.

Contact with parents/carers

Every child gets individual attention and we take care we monitor their well-being in the group. Each time you pick up your child we tell you about what happened that day. If you have any questions about your child’s behaviour or your parenting, we will try to give advice. The Daycare Centres also organise general information evenings for parents per group or per location.

Hourly rates and Childcare benefit

The Dutch government offers Childcare Benefit to parents whose child goes to a Childcare Centre. The terms and conditions for Childcare Benefit can be found on the website of the Dutch Tax Office. This is the link to the relevant webpage.

In order to request Childcare Benefit, you need to know the hourly rates. Our hourly rates are based on the actual costs and on the offer on the location of your choice. Click on: hourly rates.


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